Consulting Services

Five Areas of Focus

  • Funding
  • Community Partners
  • Target Market
  • Geographical Area
  • Employees
  • Getting and Keeping Good Renters

What if You Could Have a Decade of Successful Experience on Your Team Right now?  

There is nothing more valuable than proven knowledge from a successful expert.  As your business or community development organization invests hundreds of thousands of dollars into a community, you want to have the knowledge to overcome obstacles and make your venture successful.  Partnering with Mustard Seed Development allows you to start your work with years of proven experience in your corner.  

In addition to training and an adaptable plan, Daryl Anderson meetings with you on a weekly basis (in person and by phone), walking with you every step of the way as you implement systems, identify properties, screen tenants, work with other organizations, train staff, and more.  For price of one property, you get the knowledge and help you need to run 50 of them.  This is the most valuable service we offer.