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That's why we want to help you.  Mustard Seed is uniquely connected with fresh talent entering the region.  Our relationships with refugee and immigrant placement services has given us a leg up in the staffing world.  Our business has grown exponentially over the last few years, creating  a huge need for staff that we have been able to meet by hiring from the refugee and immigrant communities.  

In the process, we have learned a few key realities about hiring refugees and immigrants:

  • They are hard working!  
  • They are loyal.
  • They are honest and trustworthy. 
  • They keep coming back to work.  
  • They are low risk hires.  

We've tapped into the fastest growing, reliable workforce in the region, and we want to share our connections with you.  

Relationship Is THE Critical Factor

According to Mattersight 80% of candidates choose one job over another based on the relationships they form with the employer during the interview process.   In other words, Relationship is how you win the right candidate most of the time.  Relationship is what we provide.  We want to lend our credibility with this growing workforce to connect them with you to fill your talent needs.  

They want to work hard to start their new lives here.  You want hard workers to help you grow your business.  Let us bring you together.  

Mustard Seed Development's Talent Placement Service is ready to help you staff your business.  Just fill out the form and let us know what kind of job skills you are looking for.  We will contact you to get started.  

We Provide Competitive Pricing

Finding the right employees is expensive and time consuming.  We've put together a competitively priced system, so that you get the most bang for your buck our of our staffing.  

Your WorkForce 

Finding and keeping the right staff is one of the most difficult aspects of business.  In fact, 65% of recruiters say that talent shortage is the biggest obstacle in their hiring processes (Source: Jobvite).  There simply aren't enough teachable, reliable candidates out there.  

Worse! Surveys are showing that 74% of the workforce remains open to changing employers!  (Source: Jobvite)  That means that even that only about 1 out of 4 staff are loyal enough to stay with you!  

Imagine struggling to find good staff while knowing that 3/4 of your staff are interested in leaving you right now.  That's scary for business owners!  The reality is that businesses that aren't getting ahead of the talent shortage are in danger of losing out on business in the coming years.  

The drive to better oneself is seldom as strong as a newcomer to our country. I’ve seen it firsthand in both Mustard Seed’s renters and staff. It’s why they are the first ones I go to when I’m looking to hire.
— Daniel Samms, Owner, Roaring Business Growth Solutions, LLC
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