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Investment Opportunities

Transforming the Community by Investing in Property and People

Daryl Anderson has been investing in Cleveland through Mustard Seed Development for six years.  With more than 50 properties and an experienced crew, Daryl is known for his integrity and quality of work throughout the community.  When you invest with Mustard Seed Development, you are partnering with integrity, vision, and a city full of hardworking partners.  


Mustard Seed Development buys houses at below market rates from community development corporations, land banks, and real estate agents. Then we rehabilitate the properties and rent them out to newcomers in the community.


As we renovate properties we train these same newcomers in marketable, construction trade skills. With job training and renovation working together, we are lifting up whole communities.

Working with Mustard Seed and Daryl Anderson is a special and unique experience because you can share in their vision of helping refugees and rebuilding Cleveland neighborhoods and can make money doing it!
— Chris, Investor

Visionary Investors

Since we continue to purchase properties in the same areas at a low cost, our properties are far more valuable as rentals than as resales.  We aren't looking for short term investors.  We are looking for high quality investors looking who will see a significant return over the next 10+ years.  


Mustard Seed transfers ownership of a property to you for $45-75k and continues to manage the rental for you.  You receive $500-750/month in rent, and we retain a 10% management fee.  Stable renters lift up a community while you make money on your investment.  Make money while doing good. 

Return on Investment

Purchasing a property for $45k that brings in $600/month in means you make your money back in about 6 years and continue to make $7,200 yearly in passive income.*  Our investors regularly get a 15-18% return on investment by year seven. The ROI is significantly higher as time goes on. 



As we train and consult developers and investors, we are finding that many of them have the same kinds of questions:

  • How do I go about investing in Real-Estate now with no experience? 
  • What is the best way to invest? 
  • How can I start a company to take advantage of the current market? 

These are all great questions, and we have two answers to all of them: 

You can either make your own mistakes as you learn or, you can learn from the mistakes we already made.

Either way you choose, option two is a lot less expensive.

Mustard Seed Development has been working in the field of real-estate for almost 7 years now.  We have made mistakes, but have learned through them and grown tremendously because of them.  We have trained men how to work in the construction industry, taught others the benefit of investing in real-estate and helped others to close their first deal in real-estate.

Let us fix the learning curve for you.  We have the experience necessary to enable you to create wealth through real estate, whether that throughhands on renovation, passive investing or starting a development company.

We have six years of experience working with newcomers to the United States.  We have been creating housing, providing jobs, managing rental houses, managing projects, networking with government and community organizations, and building up volunteer networks.

Mustard Seed Development can take you from where you are at, to the next level of real-estate investing or economic development, because we know the way.  We've walked the path.  Let us take you there.

Daryl is truly a social entrepreneur, and many people on many levels are able to benefit from his success.
— Investor


Our investors regularly get 15-18% ROI yearly.

We manage every property that we complete (if owner wants).

We add long term value to the neighborhood in which we work as we are constantly growing our portfolio by adding better quality housing to the neighborhood which also makes Cleveland, as a city, better.

We are giving refugees and immigrants a good start in their life in the united states by providing them a quality house.

We have been working in the construction industry for a combined total of 25 yrs.

We have 5 full time employees.

We have 7 investors up to this point.

We provide investors monthly financial reports.

We provide job training to everyone who comes on staff.

Housing is a tangible asset and continues to provide income in up and down economy

We are establishing ethnic enclaves which enhance desirability of neighborhoods and provide opportunities for businesses to flourish.

We hire people who may not have the language skills necessary to work for someone else

We are improving the safety and stability of the neighborhoods in which we work

We have completed upwards of 50 units

We are men of integrity and are honest

We maintain an extremely low vacancy rate through high quality treatment of tenants.

We have strong personal relationships with community & refugee organizations.

We spend, in the community, an average of $275,000 a year which provides jobs and income to our suppliers.

We provide a support network to our tenants.

We speak 4 different languages.

We live in the same community in which we work.

We advocate for our tenants.

We direct deposit rent into investors accounts.

We have in house maintenance staff.

We provide tenant screening.

We provide monthly collection reports.

We are increasing the population of Cleveland as we provide good quality housing and our tenants tell their friends to move here.

Mustard Seed Development is an business you can trust. One can be assured that your monies will be put to good use, benefiting those who have less than us. Honesty in business practices as well as honesty in the handling of monies and time is a commodity readily found at Mustard Seed Development. Compassion and kindness is always expressed when dealing with clients and renters, especially since the majority of our renter base is refugees.
— Jo Anne, Investor