Urban Development Training

If only I had a plan and expert help while getting started..

The hardest part of starting an urban development company is the unknown.  You need a plan.  You need someone who has done this before to tell you what to do and how to do it.  Mustard Seed Development provides a Seven Week training that includes a comprehensive plan, weekly remote trainings, and direct access to our urban development expert, Daryl Anderson for a full year.  This is the most popular service we offer.  For the same cost as one property acquisition, you will have the plan and training necessary to run the entire business.  Slots are limited, so sign up now.  

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Selecting Focus Area and Houses

Selecting the area you are going to focus on and the specific houses you are going to purchase, restore, and rent to clients is a key aspect of the urban development process.  The first week of training focuses on this part of the process.  

  • What area are you comfortable investing in
  • What price range are you looking for
  • Type of house
  • Type of tenants
  • Long term trends of neighborhood
  • What to look for in a house
  • Interview contractors
  • Crime stats

How to Know if the Deal Will Make Money

Ensuring that each house investment provides a solid return on investment is essential.  The second week of training gives you the necessary information to accurately identify houses that will be good investment opportunities.  

  • Cash on cash return
  • ROI
  • Exit strategy
  • Long term trends of the neighborhood
  • Appreciation
  • Estimated rents
  • Renovation costs

Managing Property

Transferring ownership to investors is one way to make large amounts of money in a short amount of time while benefiting the investor long-term.   Managing the property as a rental on an ongoing basis allows you to make money for years to come.   

  • Manage yourself or someone else
  • Typical items that can go wrong
  • What to do if a tenant moves out without notice
  • Have met and vetted contractors prior to emergency
  • What to do if there is damage to the property
  • Evictions
  • Marketing the property

Help from Other Organizations 

There are a wide array of organizations (Government, Non-Profits, City Councils) that provide helpful services for your business.  The fourth week of the training teaches you how to benefit from them.  

  •  Police contacts
  • City council contacts
  • CDC contacts
  • Refugee organization contacts
  • Government subsidy contacts (section 8, Eden, ect.)

Working with Refugees

Working with refugees is a key aspect of Mustard Seed Development's business model.  They make good tenants, have a desire to "make it" in the United States, and are willing to work hard to get somewhere.  They have strong support networks and strong family relations, and there are many government subsidies to fund their housing while they get on their feet.  We help you know how to work with them, rent to them, and help them lift up communities with their presence.  

  • Why are they good tenants?
  • Support networks
  • Govt subsidies
  • Language issues
  • Stability
  • Work ethic
  • Family environment

Real-Estate Plan

While we provide a comprehensive plan for you to work with, it has to be adapted to your setting and goals.  We walk you through the process of developing your plan for implementation.   

  • Where do you want to be and when?
  • Keep full time job or jump into real-estate full time?
  • What are your goals?
  • Mentors
  • Sweat equity vs. turnkey

Property Construction

You might be thinking: This is great, but I don't know anything about construction! Thats ok!  We walk you through the things you need to know to oversee the restoration of your properties.  We make it so that you know exactly how to get the job done.  

  • Construction schedule
  • General contractor selection- or DIY
  • Phases of construction
  • Leadership
  • Formula for derelict home, what you must replace for each property.